Hi! I am Janice Prentiss, author of this fresh blog.

Before I wrote here, I was a greedy and curious child out of the way, a young woman passionate about cooking, a wife and a mother eager to pamper her family, a convinced guzzler and… traveler. That is why I decided to begin this blog and write all about food, gastronomic experiences, and feelings about cooking my favorite dishes.

I grew up with the sweet dishes and the gentle aromas of American dishes. I’ve been eating meat with spices all my childhood because that’s how it’s been here since I’ve known myself. I don’t remember exactly when I first fell in love with the kitchen, but I know that at this moment I could not conceive of life without the magic of this wonderful room.

It’s already understood, there are many things I like about this world. I get involved frantically in all sorts of things and I think that the passions I share give meaning to my life and have made me become the person I am today and who, over time, I hope will be different, because change is good, as long as it’s for the better.

I like to write, I love words as much as they love me. I discovered this love when I had my fingers and notebooks stained with ink and when my first “teacher companion” was able to see, reading my homework. I had the words. It was this love that made me pursue a degree in literature. Philology, that’s what it was called in my time. This name, from my point of view, is more appropriate, because my passion is for words, for language, not for letters, which I write quite nervously and is difficult to read even today.

My first blog, however, was not born because I wanted to reach people with what I write, but out of a burning passion for food. God, I still think that people who love to eat love life. I am referring to those who appreciate food not only because it provides them with vital functions, but also makes them want to live their best moments while eating. I also think that these people have more alert senses, more sensitive nostrils, and expert taste buds that can distinguish layers of aromas and unsuspected pleasures even in a simple slice of bread.

I look forward to browsing the pages of this blog and I sincerely hope you like what you find here!