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Best Vegan Blogs to Follow in 2024

Best Vegan Blogs to Follow in 2024

It’s absolutely amazing to see how the marginally small niche lifestyle has now grown into a mainstream popular way of living that champions principles of health, sustainable living, and compassion for animals. 

Anyone who has been a dedicated vegan for a long time or is just beginning to explore plant-based eating has plenty of information available. One of the best places people turn to for guidance is online vegan blogs. 

Here is an in-depth look at 15 of the best vegan blogs to follow in 2024 — each offering something different.

Table of Content

  1. PlantEatersManifesto.com
  2. Oh She Glows
  3. Minimalist Baker
  4. Vegan Richa
  5. The Vegan 8
  6. Pick Up Limes
  7. Hot For Food
  8. Rainbow Plant Life
  9. Sweet Potato Soul
  10. The Korean Vegan
  11. From My Bowl
  12. Black Vegans Rock
  13. Brownble
  14. The Full Helping
  15. Connoisseurus Veg
  16. Why Should You Try Veganism
  17. Bottom Line

#1. PlantEatersManifesto.com


PlantEatersManifesto.com is a very lively blog that reeks of just how fantastic a plant-eater’s life truly is. The blog shares personal experiences and is a one-stop shop for anyone considering veganism. There are lots of vegan recipes and well-thought-out articles.

The blog’s authors commit to education — they discuss the health benefits and environmental issues of a plant-based diet. Non-vegans are welcome too — Kayli encourages people to take steps to reduce red meat consumption until they reach a 100% vegan diet!

PlantEatersManifesto offers practical guides and tips on adopting a sustainable diet — making it an invaluable resource for both new and experienced plant eaters.

#2. Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows is a plant-based recipe blog curated by Angela Liddon. Beautiful photography and creative recipes for wholesome foods make it a real hit for every home cook. 

Considerable attention is drawn to the fact that the recipes do not use hard-to-find or exotic ingredients — which makes plant-based eating much easier for everyone. That makes Angela’s background and experience so much more pertinent and inspiring for the journey to health and happiness through veganism.

Oh She Glows has something delicious for every occasion — from breakfast ideas to sweet desserts or solid main courses.

#3. Minimalist Baker

Minimalist Baker

Minimalist Baker is a perfect vegan blog for people who love simplicity in their cooking. It is known for the best easy and quick vegan recipes that have seen the light of the day. It is perfect for a very busy person who still wants to enjoy good plant-based foods. 

Herein is the very proof that vegan cooking can be simple yet delicious — and that good nutrition will always be simple. Most recipes are based on 10 ingredients or less, one-bowl dishes, or meals that take 30 minutes or less to cook. Minimalist Baker has you covered — from your quick snacks to the hearty dinners.

#4. Vegan Richa

Vegan Richa

Vegan Richa is a treasure trove for colorful Indian food with a mix of other international dishes. Richa usually tends to provide a lot of detail in her recipes, along with cooking tips — and hence even complex dishes seem easy for cooks at any level of skill. 

Her blog is appreciated for the variety and depth of flavor that each of her recipes contains. Vegan Richa is your one-stop blog if you are looking for dishes from spicy curries to comforting soups, a wide range of creative international recipes, and a rich taste of spices — typical of Indian cuisine.

#5. The Vegan 8

The Vegan 8

The Vegan 8 is all about recipes containing eight ingredients or less — excluding salt, pepper, and water. It is the perfect blog for anyone who likes recipes that are simple and not time-consuming.

The blog is curated by Brandi Doming. She makes vegan cooking accessible in a way that appeals to both beginners and experienced cooks. The Vegan 8 streamlines the cooking process, and reduces time in the kitchen (without reducing flavor!). It is the perfect example to prove that big, tasty vegan meals can be made with little ingredients!

#6. Pick Up Limes

Pick Up Limes

Pick Up Limes is run by Sadia Badiei — a registered dietitian. Pick Up Limes offers a peaceful, holistic view of plant-based eating. The blog is bursting with recipes and nutrition advice, ensuring that this is a one-stop blog for all those seeking better health through good eating. 

The calm and collected nature of Sadia makes Pick Up Limes a great and informative read. It’s a great blog for anybody who’s looking for a balanced and mindful approach to nutrition and wellness.

#7. Hot For Food

Hot For Food

The blog Hot for Food was created by Lauren Toyota. She produces over-the-top, indulgent vegan recipes that pretty much defy what you would ever think is possible with veganism. The way Lauren prepares her food is very flavorful, bold, and highly creative. But most importantly, it’s very sensuous to any kind of foodie.

Hot for Food is great for the type of person who loves to play around and experiment in the kitchen. From savory comfort foods to the most indulgent desserts, Lauren’s blog uncovers the vast world of delicious possibilities of vegan cooking.

#8. Rainbow Plant Life

Rainbow Plant Life

Rainbow Plant Life is striking in blog design and photography, authored by Nisha Vora. This blog features in-depth vegan recipes that are both nutritious and colorful. All the posts are done in such a manner that not only the recipes but also the visual experience of readers are absolutely delightful. 

Her recipes are creatively put together, very diverse, and suit many people’s tastes and dietary preferences. Whether you are looking for something for a quick weeknight dinner or to impress at a special dinner — Rainbow Plant Life is going to have something to inspire you.

#9. Sweet Potato Soul

Sweet Potato Soul

Combine southern flair and vegan cooking together, and you have Jenné Claiborne’s Sweet Potato Soul blog. She’s a good-natured and friendly writer — here to help bring favorite comfort foods to a vegan audience.

Her blog is a celebration of veganism and Southern cuisine — full of recipes that are big on flavor and truly satisfying. The personal touch and storytelling by Jenné make Sweet Potato Soul a joy to read.

#10. The Korean Vegan

The Korean Vegan

The Korean Vegan is a compilation of personal stories and recipes, which altogether frames a unique perspective on food and identity. Joanne Lee Molinaro — the main author — veganizes traditional Korean dishes, offering a flavorful take on well-loved classics. 

Her blog is a treasure for anyone interested in diving into the world of Korean cuisine from a vegan perspective. The Korean Vegan is beyond food. It is looking at the cultural and emotional relationship we have with the foods that we eat.

#11. From My Bowl

From My Bowl

From My Bowl focuses on making vegan cooking affordable and easy. There you can find the most basic recipes — perfect for low-budget eaters and vegan beginners. 

Caitlin Shoemaker demystifies veganism, engagingly reaching quite a wide audience — with easy-to-relate-to style and practical tips. From My Bowl is perfect for readers who wish to obtain simple and budget-friendly recipes that are full of taste and nutrition.

#12. Black Vegans Rock

Black Vegans Rock

Black Vegans Rock foregrounds Black voices in the vegan community. The blog hosts interviews, resources, and discussions on the intersection of racial justice and veganism. It is an important platform for Black vegans’ contributions and experiences to be heard. 

Black Vegans Rock is more than just a food blog; it serves as a public forum and a place for representative concerns and, consequently, is relevant to all those interested in the socio-political concerns of veganism.

#13. Brownble


Brownble is an extensive blog that contains many vegan cooking videos and instructional blog posts. These serve the purpose of making vegan cooking accessible and enjoyable. With Kim Sujovolsky’s easy and interesting tutorials, making vegan dishes stopped looking mysterious and became really enjoyable.

Brownble is perfect for anyone trying to get better at cooking in general and, even more so, at adding to the repertoire of vegan recipes. Brownble is holistic and embraces community — making it the best fit for cooks of all levels.

#14. The Full Helping

The Full Helping

The Full Helping is where nutrition knowledge converges with culinary art — thanks to the brilliant author Gena Hamshaw. The blog consistently shares personal stories deep into Gena’s very own journey with food and health. 

The Full Helping is a perfect resource for those in dire need of a way to balance their diet with nourishing, delicious plant-based meals. Gena is very compassionate in her writing; it is light to read.

#15. Connoisseurus Veg

Connoisseurus Veg

Connoisseurus Veg is all about veganizing classics. It’s a showcase for how plant-based substitutions can not only hold their own but quite likely rise above — taking the recipe to a whole new, creative height in vegan food. 

Alissa Saenz’s thoughtful recipes and instructions really make Connoisseurus Veg the go-to place for all things vegan cooking. Her blog will have much to offer if you’re hungry and need comfort from a bowl of pasta or a delicious dessert.

Why Should You Try Veganism

A plant-based diet has vast health benefits. Studies have shown that it reduces the risks of heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. It is high in fiber — which aids in digestion and thus promotes a healthy gut.

A plant-based diet supports weight loss and increases energy. Nutrient-rich vegan products ensure the body’s appropriate vitamin intake. A plant-based diet also controls blood sugar —  which can benefit people with diabetes or those predisposed to this medical condition.

Finally, many people decide to become vegan just because they don’t want to contribute to the suffering and exploitation of animals anymore. A plant-based diet is in line with a compassionate life — promoting the welfare of animals. Go vegan! ♥

Bottom Line

Each of the 15 vegan blogs offers something different: tastes, dietary needs, or levels of cooking expertise. There is something in the blog that will inspire every plant eater. Whether you’re looking for easy recipes, nutritional advice, or simply to get closer to the vegan community — these blogs are full of interest and inspiration. Be inspired and discover the world of vegan blogging — you’re just one click away from your next favorite recipe.

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