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Where to Eat: Top 10 Lorne Restaurants You Should Visit

Top 10 Lorne Restaurants You Should Visit

Lorne is a gorgeous town along Victoria’s pretty coastline. Whether you are a lover of gourmet pizzas or just love to explore other local treats, the Lorne restaurants will surely not disappoint you. Let’s look at the 10 best Lorne restaurants for each taste.

Table of Content

  1. Pizza Pizza: A Slice of Heaven in Lorne
  2. Seasalt
  3. The Bottle of Milk
  4. Moons Espresso Bar
  5. Ipsos
  6. Mestizo
  7. Mexican Republic
  8. The Larder
  9. Lorne Pier Seafood Restaurant
  10. Saporitalia
  11. The Bottom Line

#1. Pizza Pizza: A Slice of Heaven in Lorne

Pizza Pizza: A Slice of Heaven in Lorne

When it comes to the pizza in Lorne, a name that rings the bell is Pizza Pizza with the locals and tourists too. Situated right at the center of Lorne, it has to offer not just its yummy pizzas but the coziness and warmth that come along.

The Pizza Pizza place has the best collection of traditional and newly appeared pizza. The whole menu is made with the finest ingredients, making each bite a taste sensation. Whether you prefer a classic margarita or you’d like to try something new and unusual, you will definitely find an option to suit your taste. 

With Pizza Pizza, hours don’t separate early birds from night owls, which is rather nice for anyone. Offering hearty lunches and late-night eats, the hours for Pizza Pizza tend to have most anybody covered in terms of dining plans.

#2. Seasalt


Seasalt is a must for any seafood lover. The restaurant offers an absolutely stunning panoramic view of the ocean. It is fully dedicated to seafood produced locally, from catch to plate, and is ideal for romantic dinners or small family gatherings.

Such must-tries at Seasalt include the grilled lobster, which is succulently cooked and accompanied by the chef’s special sauces that enhance its light, natural taste. Another highlight is the seafood platter, a diverse array of ocean treasures like oysters, prawns, mussels, and fish, all prepared with great taste and care.

#3. The Bottle of Milk

The Bottle of Milk

If you are willing to have a burger, The Bottle of Milk is the place to be. Without a doubt, a legend for its handcrafted burgers with an easygoing vibe, it is awesome to kick it back and relax with a cool beverage after a Lorne exploration day.

The restaurant crafts each burger using the finest locally sourced ingredients. The burgers are works of art, accompanied by hand-cut fries and house-made sauces. The atmosphere is relaxed and easygoing, perfect for meals with friends or family. The outdoor seating is particularly appealing on sunny days.

#4. Moons Espresso Bar

Moons Espresso Bar

This is the perfect place to have a breakfast or coffee break, serving delicious coffee and various breakfast alternatives. Their pastries are irresistible, freshly baked, and tasty. Coziness and kindness will accompany your stay here, as it has captured the heart of the locals. Great food and coffee and the artistic touch to the décor make this place popular among both locals and tourists. It’s ideal for starting the day or rejuvenating the afternoon.

#5. Ipsos


Bringing a touch of the Mediterranean to Lorne, Ipsos has gained stature as one of the best the region has to offer for Greek-inspired foods. Authentic, innovative fare features something for everyone at this restaurant.

The menu features a variety of meze, grilled meats, and fresh seafood, all infused with rich Greek spices and herbs. The restaurant has a lively and bustling atmosphere, with décor that mirrors the blues and whites of the Greek islands. The warm, hospitable service enhances the authentic dining experience.

#6. Mestizo


Mestizo brings together the exquisite flavors of unique Latin American and Australian indigenous ingredients. The restaurant’s décor reflects this blend, featuring a warm, welcoming, and vibrantly colored environment.

Menu entices with a culinary journey through Latin America, primarily using fresh, locally sourced produce. It offers an array of signature dishes, including both rare and regular tacos and empanadas, each bursting with fabulous flavors.

#7. Mexican Republic

Mexican Republic

The Mexican Republic in Lorne mirrors the vibrant spirit of Mexico. The interior is adorned with bright colors and objects reminiscent of Mexican themes, creating a festive and lively atmosphere. The menu at the Mexican Republic is purely Mexican. It features dishes like sizzling fajitas and flavorful enchiladas, all prepared using authentic Mexican spices and cooking techniques.

#8. The Larder

The Larder

The Larder is known among tourists and locals for its inviting and refined atmosphere. The place offers a charming setting for a romantic meal. The sleek and tasteful decor creates an air of sophistication, making it the ideal destination for a special occasion. From modern Australian dishes to exquisite culinary creations, The Larder’s menu demonstrates exceptional artistry and utilizes only the freshest, top-notch ingredients and innovative plating techniques.

#9. Lorne Pier Seafood Restaurant

Lorne Pier Seafood Restaurant

At the end of Lorne Pier, all the city’s visitors can enjoy spectacular views over the ocean and coastline and try amazing food at the same place. This restaurant specializes in seafood, so you can find a lot of classic seafood recipes there. This is your chance to try the natural flavors of the sea. If you need an ideal setting for a meal near the sea, it is definitely your best option!

#10. Saporitalia


Saporitalia can offer you fantastic cuisine and a warm and friendly atmosphere. In this place, you can forget you are in Australia and can feel you are in a small Italian coastal town. The menu at Saporitalia will familiarize you with the traditions of Italy. Enjoy timeless Italian dishes, including flawlessly prepared pasta and irresistible pizzas. The restaurant crafts all the food with genuine ingredients and traditional recipes.

The Bottom Line

Lorne Australia is undeniably a feast for the senses for food enthusiasts. Whether it is Pizza Pizza or any other renowned dining establishment, Lorne’s restaurants have truly curated an array of flavors that cater to gourmands. When you find yourself in Lorne Victoria, make sure to experience its vibrant culinary scene.

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    I was just wandering the area looking for a casual, chill spot to grab a bite, came across saporitalia and decided why not give it a shot & the pizza was amazing

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    The ipsos menu is variable and quite acceptable for fast food. True, pizza is prepared in different ways depending on the qualifications and mood of the cooks.

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    during my thoroughly enjoyable dining experience at the mestizo I was happy to have discovered a new favorite spot to which I will certainly return, The care and attention devoted to every detail made this farm-to-table restaurant a true standout.

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