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30 Best Restaurants in Barcelona, Spain

30 Best Restaurants in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has one of the world’s liveliest culinary scenes. From tempting tapas bars to sumptuous fine dining establishments, the city caters to every palate, literally. We have selected thirty of the best restaurants in Barcelona to provide them to you in this guide — offering each exclusive and exceptional flavors and experiences that sum up Catalan cuisine.

Table of Content

  1. Casa Lola — Barcelona
  2. Cremat 11
  3. Gata Mala
  4. Paisano Bistró
  5. Churrería Laietana
  6. Ristorante Pizzeria Eden
  7. Quinoa
  8. Viana
  9. La Alcoba Azul
  10. Tucco Real Food Born
  11. Disfrutar
  12. Casa Lolea
  13. El Xampanyet
  14. Arume
  15. La Cova Fumada
  16. Foc i Oli
  17. Sésamo
  18. Ugot Bruncherie
  19. Alfonsina
  20. Rekons
  21. Bubita Sangria Bar
  22. Lasarte
  23. Bar Bodega Quimet
  24. Cinc Sentits
  25. Creps al Born
  26. La Pubilla
  27. Cometa
  29. Sensi Bistro
  30. La Plata

#1. Casa Lola — Barcelona

Casa Lola — Barcelona

Rating: 4.9 — Based on 5874 Reviews

Price Score: 2/4

Directions: (1) Rambla de Catalunya, 70, 08007 Barcelona, Spain; (2) Via Laietana 42, 08003 Barcelona, Spain; (3) Argenteria, 27, 08003 Barcelona, Spain; (4)  La Rambla 12, 08002 Barcelona, Spain.

Contacts: 1) [93 467 23 69]; 2) [935 41 87 62] 3) [938 55 36 70] 4) [683 565 432] [info@casalolabcn.com]

Casa Lola is certainly one of the most emblematic restaurantes at Rambla Catalunya in Barcelona. It reflects the style of the best of Catalan food and gets at something between the level of the Michelin. The setting of Casa Lola has an ambiance of classic allure, made livelier by an atmosphere ideal for sampling the best of Barcelona cuisine.

The Casa Lola menu is a standout — reflecting traditional tastes with a refined twist. Key dishes that exemplify their culinary prowess include the succulent Patatas Bravas (often lauded as the best in town) and the perfectly balanced Pinchos. Their Cheesecake is celebrated as the best many have ever had — and I totally agree with it!

Service at Casa Lola is personalized and multilingual. They are prepared to explain the composition of the tapas and the local drinks, making the whole experience quite educational. The restaurant is a bustle, yes — with waits of about twenty minutes, as common. However, the high-level of service efficiency — from quick delivery of drinks to free and attentive desserts — pays off any delays.

Casa Lola is not a dining place; it is the very soul of Catalonia on a platter! Their dishes burst with a flavor that could easily compete with those in any Michelin-starred restaurant! Whether you are a local or visitor —  the rich and diverse menu, wonderful interior, and great service would make Casa Lola a must-visit on your map of Barcelona gastronomy.

#2. Cremat 11

Cremat 11

Rating: 4.9 — Based on 3441 Reviews

Price Score: 2/4

Directions: Carrer Cremat Gran, 11 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Contacts: 658 472 755

Cremat 11 is one of the best brunch spots in town, sitting snug in a cozy alley near Plaça Sant Jaume. It most likely has a line in front of it, for this is why locals are willing to get up a little earlier on weekends. Food is great, and service is friendly; so worth the wait.

With very limited seating on the inside, this cozy place also boasts tables in an extremely tranquil courtyard set-up.

We waddled in shortly after opening to find the place full, but the staff immediately took care of all of us by setting up more tables, something at which Cremat 11 excels. Their brunch menu is all the classics but better! An egg benny with double-smoked silky salmon or a steak cooked to perfection is something that just can’t be missed.

For the sweet tooth, there are festive passion fruit pancakes as well. This includes a lot of fruits, and the thin pancakes come with a light caramel sauce that will surely be loved.

Besides, some gluten-free may be available; the pancakes are also served with a mix of fresh berries. Diners can also find a variety of fresh juices and coffees. I adored “The Lady in Red” Cold Press—a mixture of wild berries and oranges; and “Sally Up” — with ginger, oranges, and lemons. It’s not going to kick your day in Barcelona; on the other hand, if you are a brunch fan, Cremat 11 will be one of your favorites.

#3. Gata Mala

Gata Mala

Rating: 4.8 — Based on 4115 Reviews

Price Score: 1/4

Directions: Carrer de Rabassa, 37 08024 Barcelona Spain

Contacts: 636 393 610

Gata Mala is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. The food is exquisite — the prices are reasonable. The ambiance is enhanced by the beautiful artwork adorning the walls and the selection of wines available. Although the space is a bit small, the staff does an excellent job of accommodating everyone.

While the menu is entirely in Spanish, the staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. They took the time to translate and explain each dish.

Their tapas are not just delicious — they come with a complimentary round of drinks. Personally, I couldn’t get enough of their tomato ham pizza-quiche, the baked potatoes, and the steak. Every bite felt like a culinary journey worthy of a five-star rating. 

Gata Mala is a must-visit establishment that offers food for the soul. And if you’re worried about the prices — rest assured that the quality of the food more than justifies it.

#4. Paisano Bistró

Paisano Bistró

Rating: 4.8 — Based on 3207 Reviews

Price Score: 2/4

Directions: Carrer de Lepant, 277 08013 Barcelona Spain

Contacts: 935 250 471

Paisano Bistró offers a delightful dining experience with its lovely and understanding staff. From the friendly people to the welcoming owner — everything about this place is exceptional. The ambiance is cozy, homey — just a-mazing!

The restaurant’s location is perfect — the prices are reasonable. 

The Italian cuisine is top-notch — especially the seafood pasta (which I couldn’t resist ordering twice) — hands down some of the best pasta I’ve ever tasted. The vegetarian pizza and pesto pasta with walnuts are also outstanding choices.

The sangria is authentically delicious! They also serve fantastic aperol and limoncello spritz. 

There are outdoor seating available on the charming street — perfect for people-watching or enjoying a good book. Paisano Bistró is a must-visit for anyone craving delicious Italian cuisine!

#5. Churrería Laietana

Churrería Laietana

Rating: 4.8 — Based on 2664 Reviews

Price Score: 1/4

Directions: Via Laietana, 46 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Contacts: 932 681 263

Churrería Laietana is a kind of hipster place that attracts both local people and a lot of tourists. Sometimes, the place is overcrowded, but friendly service and a nice atmosphere make it look cozy.

Efficiency runs the service here, and it works even when the café is heaving. The personnel come from a recognized friendly and attentive lot but still make an effort to outdo themselves in enhancing the dining experience. One great moment of truth is when a staff member subtly gave the dropped 20 euro note back to a customer, not directly but implying the integrity of service.

“Churrería Laietana” makes, to say the least, the best Ch. Those churros are excellent in that they don’t come pre-coated with cinnamon sugar. Customers are able to sprinkle as much or as little as they’d like — which comes with the sweetness of tasting the natural flavor that emanates from the freshness of the dough.

The churros are crispy and light on the outside, soft on the inside, and decadent on their own or dipped in the thick, rich chocolate sauce served on the side. Equally impressive is the café con leche, a creamy, smooth complement to the sweet treats.

The Churrería Laietana provides excellent customer experience and gives Barcelona’s street food atmosphere. In fact, it is the great balance between taste, comfort, and service quality that elevates the spot for standout city goodness. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a return enthusiast, this churrería assures being the memorable addition to any Barcelona itinerary.

#6. Ristorante Pizzeria Eden

Ristorante Pizzeria Eden

Rating: 4.7 — Based on 1599 Reviews

Price Score: 2/4

Directions: Carrer de Provenza, 332 08037 Barcelona Spain

Contacts: 931 068 309

Located in the center of Barcelona, Eden opens at 1 pm and brings the mood and style of the easygoing Spanish way of life. Approaching, one is welcomed by a charming entry that opens into a huge, dimly lit space that can only be described as inviting and atmospheric. An open kitchen behind a wood oven contributes to the hallowed vigor of the space.

The staff is prompt with accommodation, seating their guests on the opening, ensuring its customers have a relaxed and nice time throughout their stay. The owner is extra determined to reach out to the guests, either with menu recommendations or sharing different stories that can even be conducive to the general atmosphere. 

The most pleasant surprise of all comes from the kitchen, particularly for those who have a fetish for pizza. The truffle oil pizza with Burrata was outstandingly served there — beautifully, on a perfectly thin and chewy crust, spread superbly, mouth-meltingly Burrata, each bite like manna from heaven. The Margarita pizza has a deep, ever so slightly sweet tomato sauce, while the hot diavola has its absolutely revelatory fresh, thinly sliced pepperoni, perfect with the melted mozzarella and aromatic oregano. Not to be missed is the Focaccia Aglio, crispy and loaded with roasted garlic, giving a satisfying crunch.

What truly makes Eden unique is the customer service that is so dedicated. Fluent English, a smiling and friendly owner, comfortable in his own right, puts one at ease, especially when local language is foreign to most. There is a great efficiency of service in that the orders come in very promptly, sometimes even before the first glass of wine is finished. 

To sum it up, Eden offers much more than just a meal; it offers an experience that will never be forgotten, coming from Barcelona’s heart. Featuring a warm atmosphere, great service, and a pizza menu that is out of this world compared to the regular fare, Eden offers both a local gem and a compelling stopping point for any tourist passing through. Whether you’re a true fan of pizza or just someone with a whim for a really good Italian meal — either way — Eden invites you for dinner.

#7. Quinoa


Rating: 4.7 — Based on 967 Reviews

Price Score: 1/4

Directions: Travessera de Gràcia, 203 08012 Barcelona, Spain

Contacts: 931 129 326

The Quinoa Bar Vegetarian is placed in the Gracia district, ideal for that very attractive dining experience that you may be looking for, with an intimate ambiance and service that really goes the extra mile. The small gem of a café has a vibe, such a live, happy one, and transitioned to a fully plant-based menu—any vegetarian or health-conscious diner would feel they had found their mecca.

The menu is full of vibrant-flavored, extremely inventive dishes made from plants. My husband tried the Tex Mex burger, and it was so good that even though he wasn’t hungry, he had this urge to order another one after just one bite.

I went in for the zucchini noodles—they were given in a lot of quantities, but again, they were kind of bland. Simple, though they did have a freshness that allowed the natural taste of the zucchini to shine through. Quinoa will soon become the place I head to for breakfast during my stay in Barcelona, with the freshness of their offerings and the warmth in the staff. A highlight is the Eskalavado bocadillo, a simple but tasty sandwich that contains tomato, lettuce, grilled red peppers, olive oil, and tapenade on a multigrain roll. The tomatoes are fresh from the garden, and the combination of tastes is really outstanding.

They also have the most delicious vegan carrot cake and a bunch of quiches. One minor flaw is sometimes the service is slow since the staff is small and used to multitasking with the preparation of the foods, serving, and sometimes attending to the register. Though sometimes it may tend to be slow, waiting is managed on a general basis, especially on weekends when additional staff is available to facilitate quicker orders.

It’s small, visitors beware. We must have walked by it at least three times right after eating in that cafe.

The dinner is also noted for its casual options. The glorified grilled cheese sandwich, stuffed with eggplant and pesto, along with such wonderfully refreshing juices as apple/avocado/lime, epitomizes that light meal to a ‘T’ and can easily add further luster to the cafe’s reputation for tasty and healthy choices.

Overall, Quinoa Bar Vegetarian offers tasty, healthy food and creates an inviting place that leads with a plant-based way of living in uncompromise. It’s a must-visit for anybody up for a plant-based culinary adventure in Barcelona.

#8. Viana


Rating: 4.7 — Based on 1498 Reviews

Price Score: 3/4

Directions: Carrer del Vidre, 7 08002 Barcelona Spain

Contacts: 934 638 295

Viana is a rich culinary gem that brings flavors filled with vibrant tapestries. It dazzles the locals and people trooping in from far off places on the face of Barcelona. This relatively small, very lively place brilliantly combines an intimate feel with a hip upscale vibe.

The energy that embraces you at your entry to Viana is a combination of modern chic and comfortable. From the first sight, one has to get a reservation here — compact, yet constantly full of lively people. The service is exemplary: fast, efficient, always with a smile. Best of all is perhaps the capability of the staff to operate in a hustling ambience without losing their alertness. An innovative QR code menu, accompanied by vivid photographs, made choosing from the eclectic menu a piece of cake.

The menu at Viana screams creativity and quality in its cuisine. Among the starters, scallops and croquettes are truly noteworthy. However, the star of the show is the roasted octopus, which gets extremely high grades in both the sense of cooking and taste.

The mains continue the high standard: the suckling pig, served with pear chutney and a knockout sauce, is crunchy in a way that’s hard to forget. Patatas bravas, a relatively simple dish, are done so perfectly that they demand attention. And their beverages really don’t disappoint. A long list of cocktails features mixes such as the Coconut Lips, a draw for fans of passionfruit. The wine list is extensive, with wines picked to tend to a variety of palates and complement the meal well. Besides, the venue often surprises the guests with some complimentary appetizers — such as the flavorful butternut squash leek soup, among the many surprises that often add to the touch of unexpected delight for guests.

More than serving food, Viana offers an engaging and deeply satisfying experience. From the first step through the door to the last sip of wine, charm is exuded in every corner of the restaurant. Whether it is your first visit or you are one of the returning guests — Viana insists that each meal is not only to be eaten but celebrated. Overall, it is a highlight in the Barcelona dining scene — promising culinary delights that are bound to make a lasting impression.

#9. La Alcoba Azul

La Alcoba Azul

Rating: 4.7 — Based on 1243 Reviews

Price Score: 2/4

Directions: Carrer de Sant Domenec del Call, 14 08002 Barcelona Spain

Contacts: 933 028 141

We visited La Alcoba Azul on a friend’s strong recommendation — and we were not disappointed! The lighting was really warm in the cozy, cave-like room against stone walls.

The charming old-world ambiance emanates from the narrow, intimate settings of the restaurant. Every person feels at home among the bustle of very friendly service.

La Alcoba Azul is a specialized establishment with a wide variety of tapas menus that allow the customer to taste the essence of Spain. The meal begins with a complimentary tapa and moves on to some beautifully prepared dishes. Highlights are the Iberian Pork Shoulder, perfect with Mojo and Piquillo, and the Cod Carpaccio—a generous serving will have you ooohing with every bite.

First of all, the salad with Burratina was so delectable that I even noted down all the ingredients that were going to be used.

The drink menu shines, especially the La Alcoba Mezcalera, a smoky blend of Scotch and Mezcal with a sweet and spicy finish. It’s a must-try for those who enjoy bold flavors. La Alcoba Azul is more than a restaurant; it is an abstract combination of excellent food and the environment. 

Delicious tapas, very engaging service, and a beautiful setting clearly make the spot a standout dining place easily found in Barcelona. For anyone wishing to enjoy an easy evening filled with good food and drink, Alcoba Azul would be a perfect destination to go to.

#10. Tucco Real Food Born

Tucco Real Food Born

Rating: 4.7 — Based on 763 Reviews

Price Score: 1/4

Directions: Carrer del Consolat de Mar, 23 08003 Barcelona Spain

Contacts: 933 015 191

Tucco Real Food Born does not sound like much, but it is the perfect place for lunch. If you want to try their food, stop by this great place located in the Born area, right in Barcelona.

The restaurant was tiny and very intimate, really a cozy place. The staff was courteous and helpful in a manner of making sure one feels at home, offering special menu options for people needing gluten-free alternatives.

The Tucco’s menu reflects the real and fresh filling. You can make your own pasta or take a recommended combination. The panzerotti verde with pesto rojos de tomatillos secos is the favorite dish; it is recommended to have it by waiters. The Lasagna de Berenjena and Empanada de Espinaca are a couple more great options. The dishes might be a bit too cheesy, but by the time you’re through with them, you’ll forgive them easily enough.

Ordering is simple: just choose what you’d like at the counter, and they will have your food brought to the table in no time.

The pasta is a killer — especially spaghetti verde with their meatballs and Bolognese sauce. Fresh, healthy, and a hint of balanced flavors apparently deluge from the scratch kitchen, where they make meals from scratch daily. 

Tucco Real Food Born is worth the effort for real food if you are in the Born area or visiting Barcelona and are looking for the most authentic, fresh pasta. The service from the staff and the food quality, being quick and filling, really do shine through. Don’t miss an eating place that is both cheap and pleasant.

#11. Disfrutar


Rating: 4.8 — Based on 1026 Reviews

Price Score: 4/4

Directions: Carrer de Villarroel, 163 08036 Barcelona Spain

Contacts: 933 486 896

Disfrutar is a prestigious 3 Michelin-starred restaurant in Barcelona. It offers an unforgettable dining experience! Throughout the 28-course meal, guests are treated to exceptional culinary techniques that showcase the chef’s expertise. 

The food is exquisite — perfectly complemented by thoughtfully curated pairings. Impeccable service and an inviting ambiance elevate the entire dining experience.

A standout dish for me was the Iberico carbonara pasta. Even the pasta itself is infused with the rich flavor of Iberico ham, resulting in a truly indulgent and satisfying culinary delight. The bold wine pairings enhance the dishes wonderfully — contributing to the overall marvelous experience. It’s pricy — but oh my, Disfrutar is totally worth it!

#12. Casa Lolea

Casa Lolea

Rating: 4.6 — Based on 2101 Reviews

Price Score: 2/4

Directions: Carrer de Sant Pere Mes Alt, 49 08003 Barcelona Spain

Contacts: 936 241 016

Casa Lolea is such an extraordinary place for dinner in Barcelona. It is not just a restaurant; I would say it is another level. In a moment, it has become a favorite with us because of this homely atmosphere and perfect service.

The restaurant from the outside looks like a small one, very cozy. When you enter it, the personnel are very friendly and make you feel at home. The service is quick and observant at the same time, allowing enough time for customers to relax and enjoy the food without feeling rushed.

Highlights of Casa Lolea are the delicious tapas — ceviche with octopus and stuffed peppers, and both dishes are literally bursting with an amazing combination of flavors. No less interesting are the sandwiches, from roast beef to Cecina de Leon with Manchego cheese. The dishes are rich in taste and naturally represent the country.

They have a most excellent sangria in Casa Lolea. The No.3, with a base of white wine, apple, and elderflower, is really refreshing and light. Perfect for a person with love for less sweet drinks — equally balanced and perfect for easy sipping.

Casa Lolea is much more than just great food and drink; it’s a friendly atmosphere to relax and enjoy some good quality time. Prices are very reasonable, and the quality of food and service is stunning. If you want to offer your stomach the time of its life, then it is Casa Lolea that should be top of the list.

#13. El Xampanyet

El Xampanyet

Rating: 4.6 — Based on 1896 Reviews

Price Score: 2/4

Directions: Carrer de Montcada, 22 08003 Barcelona Spain

Contacts: 933 197 003

El Xampanyet is a lively dining spot in the midst of Barcelona, famous for its tasty tapas and lovely atmosphere. This is a preferred place for local people and tourists since it is well-established in its category of authentic Catalan cuisine.

The staff — led by the front door lady — ensures the flow of guests is smooth, and everyone takes their seats in record time. Even during the peak hours, waits would entice diners to stand at an outdoor table and take in the scene. The decor is casual with moleskin flasks and banners used to add charm to this small alleyway venue.

The service here is quick and friendly, with the waiters working really hard to accommodate the guests in the cramped space — making sure everyone is well-fed and happy. A friendly service, fast seating — what more can you ask for, despite how tiny this establishment is?…

The menu of El Xampanyet is a dream come true for tapas lovers. Most adored and cost-effective is the wine of the house, as it goes very well with any of the dishes offered. Favorites were the razor clams, simply perfectly cooked, and the langoustines with the caramelized onion to die for. Best enjoyed with pan con tomate to soak up the yummy sauce. Also truly recommendable for their intense flavors are the stuffed olives and white asparagus with anchovy.

If you want something more substantial, there are the chorizo tortilla and homely pasta that are both messy and filling, and to round up your meal, finish with the tomato salad.

The cod omelette is one to go for those who adore seafood, while the squid is strongly recommended. Spanish omelette and Iberian pork are among the kind of choice for those who love the authentic taste. Regulars often praise the homemade champagne and rave about the ink squid, escargot, seasonal wild mushrooms, and clams.

El Xampanyet is an experience that makes every minute of the wait worth it. The combination of great food, affordable drinks, and a festive atmosphere is a place you would want to return to again and again.

#14. Arume


Rating: 4.6 — Based on 3674 Reviews

Price Score: 3/4

Directions: Carrer d’En Botella, 11 08007 Barcelona Spain

Contacts: 933 154 872

Arume is located smack in the middle of Barcelona and offers an unmatchable dining experience. Situated down a narrow alley — it may be hard to find — but it’s more than worth the effort. The restaurant combines amazing food with a homely and cozy setting.

Step inside Arume and the cozy, contemporary interior does sophistication without pretense. Despite the crowded dining room, the restaurant seemed to maintain a laid-back air, never appearing overly frenzied. There is always ample seating without feeling crowded. Sophisticated, but informal enough for a leisurely dinner.

The real charm at Arume lies in its staff, who add life and fun to your dining experience. They always engage with their guests in Spanish — they are friendly and great at suggesting what to order. The way of approach definitely helps create a lively and enjoyable atmosphere.

The menu is a joy in itself, yet you certainly wouldn’t want to miss the duck paella—it’s highly recommended and lives up to its reputation. Also, the scallops are a standout; you will be surprised by the freshness and taste. The tempura octopus with Parmentier was great as a starter. The octopus was tender, and the light, crispy batter paired perfectly with the creamy Parmentier.

They also provide baked Turbot, which is yet another dish that one must try. The dish is elaborately prepared in such a way that the natural sweetness of the fish is brought out and served with a choice of fresh vegetables. From the starters down to the main courses, one is able to feel and taste an elegant touch of flavors and textures that are balanced in the kitchen.

Arume is the place to escape for a delightful food experience in Barcelona. Whether you are having the acclaimed duck paella or any of the fresh seafood choices, rest assured that at Arume, they make sure that your every visit is delightful.

#15. La Cova Fumada

La Cova Fumada

Rating: 4.6 — Based on 569 Reviews

Price Score: 2/4

Directions: Carrer del Baluard, 56 08003 Barcelona Spain

Contacts: 932 214 061

One of the culinary treasures cherished by the locals, bustling life and authentic local tastes from Barcelona are hidden in La Cova Fumada. It lies out of sight from the crushing tourist flow in the Gothic Quarters and gives a really authentic feel to the gastronomic delights of the city.

La Cova Fumada, small in size but big in charm, is often described as a “hole in the wall,” dimly lighted and rather narrow but emanating a cozy atmosphere. It is usually frequented by the local people, mingled with the odd tourists. Whether you are standing at the bar or, luckier still, grabbing a table outside, it is the setting that makes you feel part of something special in Barcelona.

The staff at La Cova Fumada is pretty efficient and friendly to the latter. Even when the locals throng in, they have a way of serving with a smile, such that they make everybody feel like part of them.

It is the food that contains the soul of the pull of La Cova Fumada: there’s creme-de-la-creme Spanish cuisine all over the menu too, and some stunners to boot. The grilled artichokes are big-time favorites, so good that many customers still order seconds despite being full from their firsts. The calamari is marinated in garlic and grilled to perfection, surprising the eater through the juiciness and tremendous taste it carries. Other dishes one should try — bombas, grilled squid, and octopus. In each emphasis, they point towards careful preparation to ensure that every tasty bite is full of flavor.

La Cova Fumada is surely one of those valid alternatives for people who look around for something quite different from the regular venues for tourist interest and really mean to dive deep into a richly delicious culinary experience.

#16. Foc i Oli

Foc i Oli

Rating: 4.9 — Based on 1044 Reviews

Price Score: 2/4

Directions: Carrer Aribau, 91 08036 Barcelona Spain

Contacts: 933 232 092 [https://focioli.com/]

Foc I Oli is a cozy burger spot that surprises with its culinary skills. Despite its simple appearance — it offers some of the city’s best burgers. A tasty change from traditional Spanish food!

Their menu features creative gourmet burgers, but the customers’ favorite is “the Chivito”. This special steak sandwich is packed with tasty cold cuts and fresh veggies — all hugged by a warm, buttery brioche bun. Its flavors and textures are unbeatable — a must-try for any burger lover.

The classic burgers are just as good, with juicy patties cooked perfectly —  topped with creative combinations. Start with the Burrata – fresh, creamy, served with bread. It’s a delicious beginning. And don’t forget their crispy fried potatoes, cooked in olive oil.

The atmosphere at Foc I Oli is laid-back and friendly. Seating might be limited, but getting a table outside lets you enjoy your tasty burger in the Barcelona sunshine.

#17. Sésamo


Rating: 4.6 — Based on 743 Reviews

Price Score: 2/4

Directions: Carrer de Sant Antoni Abat, 52 08001 Barcelona Spain

Contacts: 934 416 411

Sésamo is a great restaurant that has mastered the art of treating vegetarian and vegan palates with the respect they deserve. One day, we just happened to stop over at their place. It was very welcoming, with good lights and great décor.

The staff is top-of-the-line, amiable, and very well-serving. We felt welcome by them, though we arrived late and were properly served. The menu offered great options for vegetarians and vegans. Highlights were the mushroom croquettes, Burrata with nectarines on brioche, and the Indian curry with rice. Each, indeed, splendidly prepared and most succulent to the rim.

The desserts were a pleasure, particularly the pumpkin pie spiced with cardamom and their deliciously rich caramel flan. A special mention goes to the strawberry gazpacho and marinated mushrooms in puffed pastry, a kind different and delicious.

Sésamo is definitely recommended to enjoy delicious food for vegetarians and even vegans when visiting Barcelona. It’s an awesome choice for anyone who really wants to make sure they’ve got a great meal. Fresh and tasty, with a cozy atmosphere and attentive service, so one is guaranteed to be satisfied with his food choice. This spot guarantees you will leave the door satisfied if you are either a local or a tourist.

#18. Ugot Bruncherie

Ugot Bruncherie

Rating: 4.6 — Based on 1566 Reviews

Price Score: 2/4

Directions: Carrer de Viladomat, 138 08015 Barcelona Spain

Contacts: 934 637 361

We were fortunate enough to have brunch in Ugot Bruncherie — an unbelievably cute place that is, possibly, one of the cutest in the city — and very possibly serving one of the best brunch fares. The atmosphere is very cozy and homey, done with the chic French-style manner of a coffee shop with homemade cakes and beautifully served dishes.

Of course, the next problem was what to order, taking into account the menu, which seemed overwhelmingly attractive. Finally, we plumped for the “French toast” and “cochinita pibil benedict,” and here I should remark that both dishes were amazing. The brioche that was used in the French toast was so buttery and tender that it didn’t even need the accompanying syrup. It was perfect. The benedict was one of the best I have ever had — eggs perfectly done with a light, fresh-tasting hollandaise that I will remember for a long time.

We had for drinks a smoothie of banana and raspberry and one of their custom sodas that had mango puree and sparkling water, which surely were very refreshing and good to taste. The service was up to the mark; the girls serving were very amicable and ready to help, adding charm to our dinner.

And if somebody really wants to sense this brunch vibe, Ugot Bruncherie is exactly the spot in Barcelona, where the great gastronomic proposal is really friendly and attentive to the atmosphere. Ugot Bruncherie just outdoes in brunch, whether it’s the perfectly poached eggs in Shakshuka with Chorizo or the sinfully delicious French Toast with Pear Confit and Mascarpone. We left thoroughly satisfied with our big breakfast and already discussed our next visit to Ugot.

#19. Alfonsina


Rating: 4.6 — Based on 1470 Reviews

Price Score: 3/4

Directions: Carrer Diputacio, 379 08013 Barcelona Spain

Contacts: 932 469 168

We had stopped in Alfonsina, which had come with pretty good recommendations, and we were not disappointed. The restaurant quickly seated us in its fairly attractive ambiance — it was not that busy at that moment.

The two-person BBQ was quite generous, with short ribs, flank steak, skirt steak, sausages, and blood sausage. Although I am really not into blood sausages, everything else was a delight. I especially ordered it medium rare, and the meat was both juicy and flavorful. The chimichurri was definitely a highlight, for after slathering it on everything, it added a delicious complement to both bread and meat.

The appetizers and the dessert I ordered were as mind-blowing as the main course. The fries were perfectly spiced, and the choco torta, which finished the meal, was out of this world. The service throughout was friendly and attentive, with our waitress fluently gliding through both English and Spanish without pushing unnecessary extras.

A big surprise, in fact, was the emergence of Alfonsina during our holiday in Barcelona, where we had lunch at some promotional price, with steaks such as vacio a parilla and asado de tira along with eggplant parm and pesto pasta. The meal had even come with a loaf of bread, just baked, and a glass of wine, all at 15€. That was truly value for money.

To top this all off, our super friendly server even gave each of us a complimentary shot of digestif liquor after our meal. Alfonsina made us experience memorable dining; her good food and great service are part of it. We are already planning for the next visit.

#20. Rekons


Rating: 4.6 — Based on 3662 Reviews

Price Score: 1/4

Directions: Carrer Comte d’Urgell, 32 08011 Barcelona Spain

Contacts: 934 246 383

Rekons is a must-visit for any empanadorista! The café — known for its friendly service — offers dozens of empanadas inside two large glass cases in one small location. I have tried beef, chicken, and potato, and with much more filling, they were even tastier when cold on our way with the train to Madrid.

The empanadas have a delightful, flaky-soft crust with fillings of the heartiest sorts. I most enjoyed the chorizo con queso for its decadence and the puerro con queso for its buttery flakiness. Though my first order of four chicken and chorizo empanadas was a bit smaller than I had anticipated, each packed a flavor punch that would have tested my assumption of only getting the staff-recommended onion and cheese variety.

I ended up ordering the special during a couple of the quieter hours: two empanadas accompanied by a large, fresh salad, a drink, and an espresso at the end. The salad was surprisingly large and tasty.

The ambiance at Rekons is small and homey, just promoting the joy of the little things. The staff was even helpful enough to let us dine while they were doing general cleaning an hour before they close — great representation of their service.

A must-stop for anyone visiting Barcelona, the Rekons is the kind of place where the quality of their empanadas makes you easily dream about your next visit. Don’t miss their desserts, and to round off the perfect meal, a cappuccino.

#21. Bubita Sangria Bar

Bubita Sangria Bar

Rating: 4.6 — Based on 772 Reviews

Price Score: 1/4

Directions: Calle Flassaders 15 08003 Barcelona Spain

Contacts: 933 104 100

The Bubita Sangria Bar is a cozy vegetarian restaurant that any person would love without fail! The atmosphere at Bubita is very calm, and there is a certain down-to-earth feeling with good music and great service. Located on a quiet street, it is very fitting for late-night drinks. And you surely must try their famous sangrias together with their mouthwatering croquettas, which are to die for—literally. They melt in your mouth.

We also tried their unique Frida Sangria, a refreshing mix with tequila, together with a fruit cocktail from the dessert menu. This would be the greatest choice made on a hot day in June. They have very cool Sangrias, great Snacks like potatoes and olives, and even provide their clients with WiFi.

Bubita Sangria Bar represents one of the most excellent locations around for culinary and beverage consumption, with impeccable first-class service. It is close to the seashore, accessible for a rest to cool down after promenading on the beach under the sun. If around, it’s really worth the visit for a meal or drink.

#22. Lasarte


Rating: 4.6 — Based on 691 Reviews

Price Score: 4/4

Directions: Carrer de Mallorca, 259 08008 Barcelona Spain

Contacts: 934 453 242

Lasarte is one of the restaurants with Michelin stars in the city of Barcelona that astonishes its customers with the highest level of creativity and gastronomy. Lasarte is the place where you will have about thirteen courses of an exceptional dinner with new and creative tastes. The friendly and attentive staff will describe each immaculate dish and personalize the meal to dietary needs, giving a very pleasing human touch to the precision service.

The ambiance is simple, with an elegant setting that focuses on the culinary art of the plates. The bill adds up to 330 euros per head, but the rare quality can certainly justify the price. Highlights included pickled oysters with hibiscus and shiso granita and crustacean ravioli with Burrata — beautifully styled and tasty.

Situated just a few steps from Passeig de Gràcia, Lasarte is a great place for those who appreciate fine dining to escape from the bustle of the city. Enjoying great service and unbeaten cuisine, this is one of the top locations that should not be missed by any person looking for a memorable, luxuriant food affair in Barcelona.

#23. Bar Bodega Quimet

Bar Bodega Quimet

Rating: 4.6 — Based on 1181 Reviews

Price Score: 2/4

Directions: Carrer de Vic, 23 08012 Barcelona, Spain

Contacts: 932 184 189

Bar Bodega Quimet in Barcelona is a true hidden gem for authentic tapas and wines, located near Park Guell. This cozy tapas bar boasts a traditional ambiance and top-notch dishes that resonate with local dining.

The staff at Bar Bodega Quimet are exceptionally welcoming, prompting me to visit twice. They offer personalized service that complements an impressive menu featuring local wines from wooden barrels and a selection of tapas that highlight regional flavors. Standout dishes include the tender grilled octopus and velvety Iberian ham, served with perfectly seasoned tomato bread.

The tapas, especially the octopus and Iberian ham, are reasonably priced, providing great value for a fulfilling meal. The atmosphere is relaxed, ideal for a casual dining experience. It’s wise to arrive early as the place quickly fills up by traditional Spanish lunchtime.

Bar Bodega Quimet offers more than just food; it provides a complete sensory experience. From the homemade vermouth that starts your meal to the crispy yet buttery octopus, every detail is carefully curated. If you’re in Barcelona and looking for a memorable place to dine, Bar Bodega Quimet is perfect for not just a meal but an enjoyable experience.

#24. Cinc Sentits

Cinc Sentits

Rating: 4.6 — Based on 701 Reviews

Price Score: 4/4

Directions: Carrer d’Entença, 60 08015 Barcelona Spain

Contacts: 933 239 490

Barcelona’s Cinc Sentits serves up an exquisite dining experience, from the Michelin-starred menu down to the blending of traditional Catalan flavors with modern culinary techniques. The service to the restaurant and its quality are exceptional.

The menu — approximately 13 creative courses — was one of the imaginative. Highlights for me were the tender grilled octopus and a creative presentation of Iberian ham — served with perfectly seasoned tomato bread. Innovation in the use of ingredients comes in dishes such as the prawn dish with crispy elements and those that are visually attractive — like the mimetic chestnut dessert.

They have local wines to accompany the diners, from wooden barrels, appropriately matched with every cuisine – all adding zest to those served herein. Simple elegance is the setting, but still, the warm, friendly ambiance turns every meal into a special occasion.

Cinc Sentits is more than dinner; it is truly an experience for the senses that blankets the true sense of Catalan gastronomy. Priced moderately, yet expensive for the quality of the dishes. A must-go-to place for those who are in search of an opulent yet real dining experience in Barcelona. This will ensure that you get a booking well in advance, so as not to miss out on this culinary gem.

#25. Creps al Born

Creps al Born

Rating: 4.6 — Based on 604 Reviews

Price Score: 1/4

Directions: Passeig del Born, 12 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Contacts: 932 690 325

Born Creps is a really magical bar for nightlife in Barcelona. The atmosphere is given by loud Latin music, very original decoration, and energetic lighting. Excellent cocktails, humbly created with flair and creativity by friendly bartenders who take you through a diverse menu with humility.

The space itself was just right, neither too spacious nor narrow enough so that it hosted an amped-up atmosphere of both close-knit energy and liveliness that facilitated—even encouraged—the crowd’s socializing. 

And, of course, the staff added to the entire ambiance, making sure that all present felt “part of the fun.”. We called in the early evening and left at midnight after a great evening with great service.

Creps al Born has great food beyond drinks. From savory crepes to dessert crepes like Nutella crepes, they’ve got it all, presented very prettily and at affordable prices.

#26. La Pubilla

La Pubilla

Rating: 4.6 — Based on 1008 Reviews

Price Score: 2/4

Directions: Plaça de la Llibertat, 23 08012 Barcelona Spain

Contacts: 932 182 994

Do not miss “La Pubilla” in Barcelona — taste some of the best Catalan-style cuisine in a genuine atmosphere! It is located blocks from the city center at Avinguda de la Granvia, 80, and in an atmosphere far more relaxed than the buzzing tourists’ usual haunts.

The food is just memorable at La Pubilla, with a weird “green shot” to start — liquefied veggies, creamy and tasty — followed by some of the best meat croquettes I have ever eaten. The outstanding dish was the crayfish pajson and suckling pig with pumpkin, which were presented in the best way. We finished the dinner with Catalan cream and lemon sorbet.

Here, service is personal and welcoming. They always take the time to put it all together: explanations of each course, extra-buttered potatoes for the kids, and a myriad of other things that make you feel like an honored guest.

At fifteen euros per tasting menu, inclusive of one seasonal appetizer, wine, water, and five dishes, one could hardly fault the excellent value for first-class ingredients and culinary craftsmanship. Not just a restaurant, La Pubilla has shown itself to be one of Barcelona’s culinary highlights, serving an authentic taste of local flavors in a stylish yet unpretentious setting!

#27. Cometa


Rating: 4.6 — Based on 842 Reviews

Price Score: 1/4

Directions: Carrer Parlament, 20 08015 Barcelona Spain

Contacts: 930 073 203

Cometa is a lively café located one block north of the Poble Sec metro. It’s plastered with a stylistically eclectic flair for decoration and service. It’s perfect for people meeting friends for a catch-up, a light meal, or coffee and doing some reading. WiFi’s not so great, though, for working.

The delightful goodies range from an overstuffed jamon serrano bikini to refreshing salads and many decadent desserts. Especially worth mentioning are the luscious carrot cake and the salmon-made sandwich, which are not to be missed. The café is also sensitive to dietary choices; plans are afoot to have plant milk products, which are rarely available in town.

On other visits, we munched our way through a “Munch” platter and returned to try the Kiko sandwich, amped up with Parmesan and zippy curry mustard. The service was prompt, though there was a small hiccup with an avocado toast mix-up that was immediately cleared up.

What’s more, this place is really friendly to pets. Cometa provides a very relaxed, casual setting through outdoor seating to its customers who are in love with pets. At times, the service is a bit slow, but it’s worth waiting for the service since the quality and ambiance are very good.



Rating: 4.6 — Based on 430 Reviews

Price Score: 2/4

Directions: Carrer de les Sitges, 3 08001 Barcelona Spain

Contacts: 655 597 021

RAÓ is a unique space located in the quietest and coziest street in the center of the city of Barcelona, just a few steps from Las Ramblas. On the first floor and very small, RAÓ’s premises exude an intimate atmosphere and a lively cheerfulness that will undoubtedly make diners feel more than just special.

RAÓ’s cuisine goes beyond tasting; it is a story-teller of flavors—yes, from its iconic, simple tomato bread to the ceviche using a perfectly balanced lime sorbet and tender octopus. Highly recommended. If you are not so inclined towards seafood, then you must try the Iberian pork cheek, which would not leave you feeling that you have missed out. Every item offered on the menu, right from the fan favorites of Burrata Pugliese to Lamb Terrine, is impressive with its authenticity and quality.

Raó is also an expert in drinks. There is a full range of options, from spicy coconut mojitos with a real kick to big wine pours and creative cocktails. First-class service—friendly and knowledgeable, attentive but not too assertive. While a lapse here and there may occur, the staff is committed to giving you a memorable experience.

I highly recommend making a reservation; the restaurant shares popularity with its sister across the street — Xera. For the casual drinker or those out on a full culinary journey, RAÓ promises a meal worth every moment.

#29. Sensi Bistro

Sensi Bistro

Rating: 4.6 — Based on 579 Reviews

Price Score: 2/4

Directions: Carrer del Regomir, 4 08002 Barcelona Spain

Contacts: 931 799 545

Sensi Bistro in Barcelona offers a quirky range of tapas that you wouldn’t want to miss. Nestled in the rustic cobblestone streets of a very busy ambiance, original rouge décor walls filled with art give it an inviting feel. The staff is easygoing and friendly, though it’s recommended that you book a table as the place tends to be busy.

The menu at Sensi is enticing, featuring favorites like truffle ravioli, croquettes, and an oyster tapa, all expertly paired with fitting beverages and topped off with the delicious signature raspberry mojitos. Although the space is somewhat small, it offers a cozy setting perfect for enjoying great food and service.

However, be cautious with the strong espresso if you’re hoping for an early night’s sleep! Prices are on the higher side, but the quality of dishes like the creamy mussels and exquisite salmon justify the cost. Overall, Sensi Bistro is a vibrant place to enjoy upscale tapas and sophisticated drinks in the heart of Barcelona.

#30. La Plata

La Plata

Rating: 4.6 — Based on 1413 Reviews

Price Score: 1/4

Directions: Carrer de la Mercè, 28 08002 Barcelona Spain

Contacts: 611 647 688

La Plata became the favourite place for tapas, where authenticity was breathed from food to atmosphere. It had an unassuming menu with easy-to-serve, small-sized items like fried sardines and bread with tomatoes. Not being the biggest fan of fish usually, I find the fried anchovies to be a delight. They were small, lightly battered, and crispy, eaten whole after the head and tail had been removed.

Most preferred by the local population, and the place never lacks activity, especially in the afternoon. The home wine and vermouth are great for consuming at a low price and served in adorable, dixie-cup-sized glasses. The bartender — a senior old man — speaks very little English, which adds to the atmosphere. But, of course, you will get by! 🙂

La Plata’s special touch really comes in the form of its vibe—energetic but intimate, thanks in no small part to friendly staff who make sure everyone in the bar is having a good time. On busy days, the place packs quickly, so it’s advisable to be here earlier than many would normally have it. Really enjoyed the experience here, truly one of the best in Barcelona to either get introduced or immerse into the local tapas scene.

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