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TOP 10 Coffee Shops in San Francisco

TOP 10 Coffee Shops in San Francisco

San Francisco is a busy, rich, and diverse city. You’ll need a trusty caffeine companion by your side to keep up with the modern pace. Fortunately, the coffee culture here thrives, offering more than just Irish brew. 

I am a regular at coffee places, yet I always keep discovering new things. Don’t expect lengthy wordings and narration – here I share my impressions on the top 10 coffee shops in San Francisco in clear and casual language.

Table of Content

  1. Pentacle Coffee
  2. Coffee Movement
  3. Saint Frank Coffee
  4. Andytown Coffee Roasters
  5. Sightglass Coffee
  6. Ritual Coffee Roasters
  7. Flywheel Coffee Kiosk
  8. Hole In The Wall Coffee
  9. Golden Goat Coffee
  10. Third Wheel Coffee
  11. Bottom Line

#1. Pentacle Coffee

Pentacle Coffee

Rating: 4.8 — Based on 746 Reviews

Price Score: 2/4

Pentacle Coffee is a hidden gem with an artistic atmosphere. The baristas here are coffee gods who pour their very heart into every cup. 

They probably make the best Irish coffee in San Francisco. Listen, you should try it! It’s a perfectly balanced blend with a delightful touch of sweetness that you will remember. Also, grab their cheese pop tarts if you’re hungry. A flavor burst!

Their staff is inclusive and super friendly. They communicate in a gender-neutral way, trying to gift joy to all of their guests. According to customer reviews, Pentacle Coffee brews one of the best coffee in San Francisco. Definitely worth a visit!

Directions: 64 6th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Contacts: (415) 508-6258

#2. Coffee Movement

Coffee Movement

Rating: 4.7 — Based on 575 Reviews

Price Score: 2/4 

The Coffee Movement is where minimalism meets top-notch coffee. It is small and has a chic black-and-white theme and a hipster flair. The staff here know their coffee just right. They provide comprehensive taste note descriptions for each cup (and they nail it!).

I really recommend their oat milk latte. Also, don’t miss the limited offerings. They are something! Prices are reasonable. If you’re passing near, definitely come over.

Directions: (1) — 1737 Balboa St, San Francisco, CA 94121; (2) — 1030 Washington St, San Francisco, CA 94108.

Contacts: (415) 237-3375

#3. Saint Frank Coffee

Saint Frank Coffee

Rating: 4.3 — Based on 923 Reviews

Price Score: 1/4

Discovering Saint Frank Coffee was a treat. The Chai Tea Latte with Almond Macadamia Nut Milk was a frothy delight with exceptional smoothness. If you aren’t sure what to pick, their Single-Origin Tasting Flight offers a unique coffee exploration. The bakery is good as well. 

The atmosphere is trendy yet relaxed. Free Wi-Fi is included! Highly recommended for a diverse coffee experience and a touch of European style.

Directions: (1) 2340 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109; (2) 1018 Alma St, Menlo Park, CA 94025.

Contacts: (415) 881-8062

#4. Andytown Coffee Roasters

Andytown Coffee Roasters

Rating: 4.5 — Based on 1,022 Reviews

Price Score: 2/4

I’m always drawn to Andytown for their coffee, but I end up staying for the sandwiches. I mean it — TRY their sandwiches! 

The coffee shop is bathed in natural light, complemented by large glass windows. It creates a really beautiful setting.

I highly recommend their signature Snowy Plover, which is available in both coffee and matcha variations. Despite the influx of orders, their service is fast and efficient. Keep it up!

Directions: (1) — 3655 Lawton St San Francisco, CA 94122; (2) — 181 Fremont St Fl 7 San Francisco, CA 94105; (3) — 3629 Taraval San Francisco, CA 94116

Contacts: (415) 753-9775

#5. Sightglass Coffee

Sightglass Coffee

Rating: 4.0 — Based on 2,002 Reviews

Price Score: 3/4

Sightglass Coffee is a local LGBTQ+ and Vegetarian-friendly coffee house chain with a unique wooden interior structure style. There’s a lot of natural light inside, a great place to work or catch up with friends.

They make a great vanilla paste latte, but my favorite one is hot matcha. Inside the café itself, you can clearly see the big coffee roasting machine. Just looking at it makes the waiting process mesmerizing and languid. They have great pastries — I really loved their croissants! Overall, the spot is a bit pricey, but every time I come in there, it’s worth it!

Directions: (1) — 301 Divisadero St San Francisco, CA 94117; (2) — 3014 20th St San Francisco, CA 94110; (3) — 270 Seventh St San Francisco, CA 94103.

Contacts: (1) — (415) 522-0112; (2) — (415) 641-1043; (3) — (415) 861-1313

#6. Ritual Coffee Roasters

Ritual Coffee Roasters

Rating: 3.7 — Based on 1,943 Reviews

Price Score: 2/4

Ritual Coffee wows with exceptional accessibility (all wheelchair facilities) and a welcoming atmosphere. Their baristas brew outstanding, smooth lattes with a perfect espresso and oat milk blend. 

I never get tired of their La Lecheria — with its tart start and round finish, it wedges in with subtle fruity notes. In addition to great coffee, they often offer free pastries! Despite the lack of Wi-Fi and early closing, it’s highly recommended. Give it a try!

Directions: (1) 1026 Valencia St San Francisco, CA 94110; (2) 432B Octavia St San Francisco, CA 94102; (3) 1300 Haight St San Francisco, CA 94117.

Contacts: (1) (415) 641-1011; (2) (415) 865-0989; (3) (415) 865-0929

#7. Flywheel Coffee Kiosk

Flywheel Coffee Kiosk

Rating: 3.9 — Based on 604 Reviews

Price Score: 2/4

Flywheel Coffee Kiosk is a peaceful spot with a dark and spacious interior. I was impressed with the speed of service and the politeness of their workers — they love their job, for sure. The menu is simple yet diverse.

You should try a pour-over with Nigerian beans if you’re there for the first time. It’s a perfectly balanced blend with a slight touch of sugar. And Oh-My-God — their hot chocolate — as sweet as first love! 

Cappuccinos were bold and smooth, though latte art varied. The pumpkin cheesecake bread was moist and flavorful, but the scone was questionable. Ample seating and a quiet ambiance make it worth revisiting.

Directions: 672 Stanyan St San Francisco, CA 94117.

Contacts: (415) 682-4023

#8. Hole In The Wall Coffee

Hole In The Wall Coffee

Rating: 4.6 — Based on 194 Reviews

Price Score: 2/4

Hole In The Wall Coffee stands for its name — the spot is literally designed as a hole in the wall. It’s a bit of a cramped space, but it has its charm. HITW captivates with its simple yet excellent coffee offerings. 

I prefer hot drinks, but their Coco Cold Brew made me doubt my favorites. It was so refreshing, cleverly paired with coconut water. The prices are in line with the area, and they won’t leave you with empty pockets. Great grab-and-go option with friendly workers.

Directions: 524 Union St, San Francisco, CA 94133

Contacts: (415) 810-2092

#9. Golden Goat Coffee

Golden Goat Coffee

Rating: 4.9 — Based on 132 Reviews

Price Score: 2/4

Golden Goat Coffee’s converted garage space exudes coziness, with outdoor benches perfect for sipping their Honey Lavender latte. But their most famous hit, unsurprisingly, is Golden Goat Latte. It’s a mixture of goat milk, turmeric, honey, and fine espresso — a bold combination, the kind of thing you don’t see everywhere. 

Ah, and the seasonals — caramel cardamom cappuccino is a must-try! For me, it’s one of the most innovative coffee experiences of the past few years. The staff was always super helpful with the choice. If you are brave enough for experiments — go ahead! 

Directions: 599 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94107

Contacts: hello@goldengoatcoffee.com

#10. Third Wheel Coffee

Third Wheel Coffee

Rating: 5.0 — Based on 55 Reviews

Price Score: 1/4

Third Wheel Coffee is a no-frills place focusing on quality brews. Run by Tom and Vida, these two bring a spark to their cart-wagon that’ll brighten your day. They’re good at remembering faces and orders, making you feel like a regular from your first visit. 

The place might be compact, but it’s packed with rich flavors and a homey vibe. Their oat milk cappuccino is smooth and well-balanced, a perfect pick-me-up. I compel you to take it exclusively with their Croistock — a harmonious blend of ricotta and peach, an ideal coffee companion.

Directions: 535 Scott St, San Francisco, CA 94117

Contacts: (910) 547-4547

Bottom Line

Coffee addicts — you are lucky to be in San Francisco! It was a total pleasure to visit these shops despite the minor flaws (that might happen at any place). I can safely recommend any of these spots if you are in the area. The testimonials speak for themselves. 

Just please keep in mind that excessive caffeine consumption is harmful to your cardiovascular system. Drink only good coffee, but do it wisely. Enjoy yourselves!

3 thoughts on “TOP 10 Coffee Shops in San Francisco”

  1. Avatar

    i just adore sightglass coffee, as soon as my party walked in, the host greeted us warmly and sat us right away, Looking over the menu, there were so many tempting options to pick from, We ended up trying a few different dishes, and each one was full of flavor and beautifully presented

  2. Avatar

    at the flywheel you will be well served, even if you order in the morning. Nice terrace, good drinks. Perfect for a break while walking around the city center.

  3. Avatar

    Super nice service at the ritual coffee roasters!!! The cakes are great and the atmosphere is beautiful!! Thanks! Didn’t love the creme brulee though, but all the rest made up for it.

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