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How to Have Dinner and Have a Great Time: Top-5 Restaurants in Charleston, WV

How to Have Dinner and Have a Great Time: Top-5 Restaurants in Charleston, WV

Restaurants have been part of our lives for a long time. Sometimes, we see them as a way to eat without making any effort. Sometimes, we make an event out of going to a restaurant to relax, switch gears, and get positive emotions.

There are tons of restaurants in South Charleston, WV. Each one is unique, and you’ll find something special in each one. But if the abundance of offerings blows away your eyes, our article is for you. We’ve put together our own top restaurants in Charleston, WV, that are worth checking out. Each one is unique; each one has its own zest. And each offers specialty dishes that are worth trying. Let’s get started on our gastronomic journey!

Table of Content

  1. The Block Restaurant and Wine Cellar
  2. Ichiban Pan-Asian Restaurant
  3. Bridge Road Bistro
  4. Laury’s Restaurant
  5. Tricky Fish

#1. The Block Restaurant and Wine Cellar

The Block Restaurant and Wine Cellar

The Block Restaurant and Wine Cellar is the perfect place for food lovers and wine connoisseurs alike. The very name of the restaurant already hints that there is something to taste. The Block restaurant has an impressive collection of over 500 wines. There is a lot to choose from, isn’t there?

Of course, that’s not all. You will be delighted when you try the cuisine of this place. You will be able to choose your own cheese for your cheese plate, as well as enjoy the freshest seafood. However, for those who prefer traditional meat, there are also a couple of first-class dishes here. 

Also worth mentioning is the modern, stylish design, the ability to host private events, and, of course, happy hours! The Block Hour at the restaurant is every day, from 4 in the afternoon to 6 in the afternoon. Quite frankly, this is one of the best new restaurants in Charleston, WV.

#2. Ichiban Pan-Asian Restaurant

Ichiban Pan-Asian Restaurant

Ichiban is the perfect place for lovers of Asian cuisine. Here, you can eat not only sushi, although they are delicious in Ichiban. Honestly, a separate story could be written about Ichiban sushi, especially considering its quantity and variety. You can taste dishes from Japan, China, and Thailand. And all these in one place!

Ichiban’s diverse but equally delicious cuisine is endless. But the restaurant’s design, which combines modern styling and Asian elements, is just as great as the taste of its food.

In addition, the restaurant offers events and catering.

#3. Bridge Road Bistro

Bridge Road Bistro

Bridge Road Bistro is a gourmet establishment for lovers of good food. The ambiance in this bistro is a sophisticated blend of friendliness. Bridge Road Bistro provides the ideal setting for a gastronomic adventure. Dishes on the menu incorporate both domestic and foreign influences. Each plate is a work of art that showcases the chef’s dedication to using fresh, in-season ingredients and cutting-edge cooking methods.

The Bridge Road Bistro conducts frequent events, provides catering, and has private rooms.

#4. Laury’s Restaurant

Laury's Restaurant

Laury’s Restaurant beckons with its timeless charm and hearty dishes. You’ll arrive home to the enticing smell of traditional American cuisine. This dinery is the very definition of friendliness and nostalgia.

Laury’s serves hearty quantities of homemade food. The restaurant has a warm atmosphere as well. Cozy family gatherings are evoked by the vintage accents and welcoming service. Laury’s Restaurant is still a popular option for people looking for a taste of nostalgia or classic cuisine. Every mouthful has a trace of familiarity in this setting, which celebrates the pure delight of dining with others.

#5. Tricky Fish

Tricky Fish

Tricky Fish is a hidden gem in Charleston, West Virginia’s thriving dining district. But it’s starting to become known for its inventive coastal cuisine and fresh seafood. For fish lovers, this eatery is paradise. With its varied menu and relaxed ambiance, it transports guests to the coast.

The laid-back vibe and nautically-inspired decor take you immediately to a beach vacation. From crab cakes and fish tacos to shrimp and crayfish, the menu offers a variety of marine specialties.

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    For seafood fans, the waterfront bridge road bistro paradise boasts stunning views to match its impressive menu from succulent lobster to fresh oysters. Impeccable service and a vibrant mood completed our time there

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    The friendly server at the tricky fish was knowledgeable about the origins of each item and clearly passionate about the establishment’s mission to support sustainable agriculture and its amazing

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